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Ruffin's Pet Centre, Simcoe

The Source of our Puppies

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We do not support puppy mills, puppy brokers or any breeder interested in breeding solely for profit.
All of our puppies are obtained locally and 80% of our puppies come from our customers! The other 20% are found by our manager, Mary, through local ads posted at vets and other reputable sources. In any case, we deal directly with breeders and/or their families.
We never carry a large selection of dogs, as we prefer to be able to give 1-on-1 attention to our puppies. We only have 3 large dog cages, so we rarely ever have more than 4 or 5 puppies at a time.
Most of our large breed mixes, such as the Shepherd, Collie, Husky and Lab type mixes, are from "accidental" litters, and not bred for profit.
Our pure breed, or select cross breed, puppies are from breeders who we know home-raise and care for their puppies in a way that we feel confident promoting. Most of our breeders we know personally. Infact our manager, Mary, is the breeder of our 3/4 Pug mixes, and another employee, Molly, often supplies us with a purebred Short-coat Chihuahua pup from her select breedings. Often our breeders only supply us with a few puppies out of their large litters, just to lighten their load as far as cleaning and feeding.
Almost all of our breeders are happy to leave their names and phone numbers for new puppy buyers to contact them for more information about the breed, or to talk more about their puppy's parents.
Our store is run by a small staff of dog lovers, and we would never knowingly support any person who does not care for their dogs in a way that does not mirror our own.
If you have any questions about our puppies, please contact us!

Ruffin's Pet Centre
140 Queensway East
Simcoe, Ontario
(519) 426-7441
We are located in the Simcoe Mall, beside the Canadian Tire.
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